Tripp Whitney

And the free labor

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Christmas Time is Coming

Born in the Sierra Mountains; raised in a small town in Northern Nevada surrounded by cows, horses, country music and rock ‘n’ roll - Tripp Whitney, together with life long friend and song writing partner Jerry Spikula, have created a Country Crossover album that contains hints of bluegrass, folk music, rock ‘n’ roll and blues! “Tripp Whitney And The Free Labor,” is a band that will draw you in with its great stylistic sounds that captures the true heart of these genres. It’s Pure Americana. At the heart of this music is the ideal that the relationship between man and woman is everything - a traditional, yet increasing rarity in the world of popular music. Coupled with underlying Nevada themes, both modern and classic, these tunes will take the listener on a journey of real life experiences that we all share - via horseback! So, get your boots on, jump in, crank up that music box and remember, “There Ain’t Nothin’ Badda Than A Cowboy From Nevada!”